Gymfinity and Beyond!
, Posted on 21-Apr-2017

Gymfinity and Beyond!

ManamaThe students from the Gymnastics Academy of the British School of Bahrain (BSB) last month participated in the Manama Challenge in Bahrain and The ORYX Cup in Doha. 

This was BSB’S first international competition of the season against CHAOSS (Bahrain), Gymnastics Academy (Doha) and Gym Muscat (Oman). 

Gymfinity, the BSB Gymnastics Academy offers fun, highly active sessions for gymnasts aged 3½ – 13. For the last four years the Gymfinity coaching team, have worked tirelessly to develop high quality gymnasts.

Last year Gymfinity gymnasts were accepted into The Middle East Gymnastics Association (MEGA) and are now eligible to take part in international competitions.

Manama Challenge - Bahrain

BSB  took 7 of their level 3 gymnasts - Frederikke La Cour (BSB), Ellie Steward, Rachel Steward, Tabitha Moore, Yasmeen Khunji, Tara Khunji and Charlotte Rodney (BSB) as well as 7 of their  level 2 gymnasts - Medina Safa Akhtar, Lydia Ibrahim (BSB), Saoirse Lynch, Layan AlAlawi (BSB), Lina AlSamahiji (BSB), Zaina Daniels and  Clementine Luckhurst  to the challenge. BSB  girls did a wonderful job competing with their routines on floor, vault and beam. BSB gymnasts returned with 11 bronze medals, 14 silver medals and 7 gold medals. It was a wonderful success for both Gymfinity gymnasts and coaches alike! 

ORYX Cup – Doha

Later in the month BSB attended another international competition in Doha against CHAOSS (Bahrain), Gymnastics Academy (Doha), Gym Muscat (Oman), Jump Sports Academy (Abu Dhabi) and Shams (Dubai). Kathleen Holland, Tabitha Moore, Frederikke La Cour (BSB) and Charlotte Rodney (BSB) took part in the level 3 competition and Elle Harris (BSB) took part in the level 4 competition later in the day. The competition was tough and the girls held their nerve against a very high standard of competition. In the end BSB  team was able to collect 3 bronze medals, 2 silver medals and 1 gold medal.  

BSB is now looking forward to take an even bigger and stronger team to the Inter Gulf Championships in Dubai. 

“The heat is definitely on and I know for certain our team will again do us proud,” a BSB official said.