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6 tips to manage money intelligently during Ramadan

If you are looking to manage money In Ramadan, there are financial challenges during this month due to the increase in expenses related to food, drink, gifts, and charity. Therefore, it would be smart to look for good ways to save money in purchasing necessities, starting from basic needs to luxuries, and among the most prominent saving methods are discount coupons offered by major stores, such as the iHerb promo code In this article, we will also talk about the best tips to manage money that contribute greatly to maintaining your budget.

1. Establish a financial budget for Ramadan
Since there are many requirements and necessary needs during Ramadan, it will be necessary to determine a detailed financial budget for the needs of Ramadan, and to do this, you will have to follow the following steps: 

Determine the value of income, whether it is free income or a monthly salary.

Then determine the basic expenses that must be covered during Ramadan, such as food costs, personal supplies, Ramadan fashion and decorations, kitchen tools and appliances, etc. Through the AliExpress discount code, you can find your various needs at cheap prices.

After determining the basic expenses, allocate part of the income to savings, in anticipation of any emergency that may occur during the month.

2. Start with priorities
Ramadan includes many additional costs that may sometimes be unnecessary, such as purchasing fashion, Ramadan decorations, and kitchen utensils that have a Ramadan theme.

Therefore, instead of dispensing with these details, they can be obtained at reduced prices via the Temu coupon code, and you can also create a list of your needs during Ramadan, and start first with basic needs such as: food, monthly bills, charitable donations, and any other basic expenses.

3. Benefit from Ramadan 2024 offers
There is no doubt that Ramadan is the month of goodness, giving, and blessing. Therefore, you will find that most stores and restaurants announce the largest offers on basic needs and Ramadan supplies. Coupon sites also offer special offers and discount codes provided to get the greatest saving value for your purchases.

The most famous of these websites is Alcoupon.com, through which you will find discount codes for hypermarkets, electronics and electrical appliances, fashion stores, cosmetics and everything you need in Ramadan.

Be smart and take advantage of these offers and coupons in choosing the appropriate offer for you, which guarantees you Lots of savings.

4. Adhere to the specified budget and avoid extravagance
Controlling expenses during Ramadan may be difficult, especially with people’s interest in purchasing Ramadan decorations and kitchen utensils for Ramadan, in addition to preparing various and delicious Ramadan tables, and the increasing demand for Ramadan sweets.

Therefore, care must be taken to adhere to the specified budget and not exceed it, with the necessity of avoid buying unnecessary things that we may not need.

5. Download expense management applications

There are many applications that help in managing income and organizing monthly expenses, such as: “Money Manager” This application provides the ability to track and record daily expenses, where you can use it to determine the amounts you want to spend on food, clothes, gifts, and other basic costs during Ramadan.

You can also Use expense tracking applications such as “SpendNotes”, which provides analyzes and reports on your monthly spending pattern; Which helps you make smarter financial decisions and manage your monthly expenses during Ramadan.

6. Providing alms and assistance to those in need
Providing alms and assistance to the needy is an essential pillar of Ramadan. Alms have a great impact on society, as they help in the cohesion and solidarity of society, and help the needy meet their basic needs during Ramadan.

There are various ways to provide alms and assistance in Ramadan, such as providing food to those who are fasting, Or providing money to the poor and needy, or even distributing gifts to children and family, Alms is an essential pillar of Ramadan, which blesses livelihood and is of help to people in need and helps them buy their needs in this blessed month.

Finally, we have provided you with the best 6 tips to manage money and expenses intelligently during Ramadan, and help in obtaining all basic needs at the lowest prices. So that Ramadan 2024 will be special and full of goodness and giving for everyone.