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Kanoo Motors Rolling Drag Night to bring fun yet competitive activity at BIC

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Motorsport enthusiasts can invite their family or friends for an exciting headto-head challenge at Bahrain International Circuit this (BIC) today, in the Kanoo Motors Rolling Drag Night.

This unique event offers participants the opportunity to bring their very own car or motorbike and go one-on-one down the circuit’s quarter-mile drag strip against an opponent.

This fun yet competitive activity gives wannabe-drag racers the incredible experience of powering down BIC’s worldclass strip—which is a part of the prestigious NHRA Worldwide Network of the U.S.-based National Hot Rod Association ( NHRA ) — and enjoy the thrill with a fellow-racing lover.

Kanoo Motors Rolling Drag Night is similar to BIC’s Ebrahim K Kanoo Drag and Drift Nights, with the only difference being at the start, which is done with a rolling speed of 80kph.

Thurs - day’s activity is scheduled to be held from 8.30pm to 1.30am.


It continues the busy and exciting programme of events this holy month of Ramadan at “The Home of motorsport in the Middle East”.

The cost to participate is BD22 for each driver or rider. Spectators can watch from the stands for a nominal fee of BD2. Just as in all activities at BIC, safety is paramount for all taking part.

Cars and motorbikes must thus go through scrutineering before being able to hit the strip.

Kanoo Motors Rolling Drag Night is the perfect opportunity for an engaging, yet friendly, battle. Both participants will be able to push their vehicles to their very limit within the secure and controlled environment at BIC.

In addition to the Kanoo Motors Rolling Drag Night, also available on Thursday is BIC’s most mind-boggling passenger ride: the Dragster Experience.

Known as “the Fastest Ride on Earth”, fans will have a chance to get a taste of pure speed as they are taken from zero to 100kph in just one second while in the cockpit of a 10,500cc Top Dragster.

The Dragster Experience is available at BD44 for the first passenger while a second passenger can get 50 per cent off.