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Reunion tribute to teachers

A sweet nostalgia swept over the Bahrain expatriates as they stepped into their old school to attend the reunion of their classmates. 

The ex-students of BPES High School organized the reunion in Mumbai to felicitate teachers, show gratitude and appreciate their contribution in the lives of the students.

Bahrain resident Prajisha, an alumni of BPES and one of the hosts of the event said it was a unique experience. 

“It was a was a blessing being there.  Fortunately majority of the teachers are in good health. I could revisit old school memories. Teachers are the one who moulded us and today it is our turn to pay our respects to them”, she said. 

  Bahrain resident Muazzam Abdul Aziz Dabir said: “All of us, teachers and students had tears in our eyes. Our teachers just expressed their blessings and said in a world where everyone is busy, these students remembered us and brought all of them together.”

Thirty nine teachers from within Mumbai and 11 teachers from outside Mumbai attended the reunion. 

Ex-students travelled to all parts of India to invite these teachers personally over the last two months. A total of 600 ex-students attended the event while a few ex students flew from the Gulf countries for this event. 


The BPES institution was established in 1971.  35 batches of students have been sent for the SSC examination since then and the results have been highly encouraging. 

Bahrain’s Asian School teacher Prafulla Satheesh said: “I could not make it due to other commitments. But I watched the entire event on YouTube. It was just wonderful. No words to describe the feelings. I was not only thrilled to see all my teachers but also my batch-mates who made it for the event. Congrats to the alumni association who made this event successful. They established the fact that our generation still holds their teachers in high esteem.”

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