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S’mores dessert board - Eats and Treats by Tania Rebello

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A s’mores dessert board is perfect for a BBQ and nights around the campfire. Inspired by a charcuterie, this dessert snack board will be the hit of your party.

The s’mores board is fun for kids and adults alike and serves as a creative idea even for a backyard bash.

It is a versatile dessert that can have many exciting flavor combinations.

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Ingredients for a S’mores Board

Graham crackers




White chocolate bar

Reese’s cups



Cookies and Cream Bars

Snickers bars

Dark and milk

Chocolate Bars



Chocolate chip cookies

Gummy bears


Rice Krispies

Peanut butter



These are a few ideas to add to your dessert board. Get creative with the ingredients that you choose.

You will be surprised with the different combinations and how tasty they can be when put together. Begin by picking a board, plate, or platter to create your s’mores charcuterie board.

You want to make sure whatever you choose is big enough to serve a crowd.

Place your bowls of peanut butter and Nutella on the board first.

Since these items are a bit bigger, you will want to work around them.

Then place graham crackers in stacks around the board. Spread out the stacks in a few different places around the board.

Continue by adding stacks of chocolate, followed by individual chocolates bars.

Next fill in the blank areas with smaller chocolates like Reese’s peanut butter cups, Peppermint Patties, truffles, Snickers bars, strawberries, and marshmallows.

Finally look at your board for empty spots and try and fill them in (for presentation) with marshmallows and smaller chocolates.