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Applied Science University Signs MoU With JAFCON Consultants for Productivity Improvement

TDT | Manama

The Daily Tribune –

The University, represented by Professor Ghassan Aouad, President of the University, signed a memorandum of understanding with “JAFCON Consultants for Productivity Improvement” represented by Dr. Akbar Jaffari, CEO, to provide a training program for the University students to enhance their practical skills and help them get suitable jobs in the labor market.

The agreement aims to enroll ASU students and graduates in the “Eqtidar (Ability) Program for productivity improvement”, supported by TAMKEEN, to raise their skills and practical abilities in their fields of study in a way that enhances their chances of getting suitable jobs through a series of training programs and workshops focused on enhancing the practical abilities of the participants. In addition, the program opens up the channels of communication between the  University students and the reputable consultancy firm so that they can benefit from its long-standing expertise in productivity and performance enhancement to enable them to excel at their future work after graduation.

On this agreement, the President of the University, Professor Ghassan Aouad, stressed that the University is very keen to provide career opportunities for its students and graduates and facilitate their integration into the labor market by introducing training programs that keep up with the evolving requirements and latest trends of the job market, pointing out that the increasing competitiveness over the available jobs has prompted the University to work even harder on equipping its students with the skills that will make them stand out and match them with the right job opportunities.

Professor Ghassan also explained that, since its inception, the University has been keen to provide the Bahraini and Gulf labor market with distinguished graduates in various fields, by providing its students with suitable internships and practical training as part of the completion of their graduation requirements, which helps them to easily integrate the labor market and contributes to gaining sufficient experience to commence work successfully and confidently.

The President of the University pointed out that the goal of this agreement is to help students obtain a practical training during their academic studies as a key step towards obtaining the job that corresponds to their scientific qualifications after graduation, by giving them the opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge they gained during their studies in a practical real-life setting, and to learn more about the nature of the labor market and its needs, in addition to giving the student a first impression of the field he/she will be working in and the people he/she will be interacting with after graduating from the University.

The President concluded by emphasizing that the University considers the internships that it offers to its students as one of the most important components of building the student's personality and academic and practical experience. Thus, it strives to give its students the opportunity to apply what they have learned on the ground, learn more about the issues of their respective sectors, and benefit from the theoretical concepts they gained during their studies to find practical solutions to real-life problems.