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BTEA participates in 121st UNWTO Executive Council Meeting in Barcelona

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Her Excellency Sarah Buhijji, CEO of the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority (BTEA), led the delegation from the Kingdom of Bahrain at the 121st United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Executive Council Meeting, held in Barcelona, Spain, from June 10 to 11.

The meeting addressed various topics of mutual interest to Member States, focusing on identifying optimal strategies for advancing the tourism sector, supporting positive recovery trends, and examining recent developments in international tourism.

The agenda also encompassed reviewing the implementation of the general work program, deliberating on the establishment of regional offices for the Organization, selecting venues and dates for the 122nd, 123rd, and 124th Executive Council sessions, and exploring strategies to strengthen UNWTO initiatives at both regional and global levels. Furthermore, the meeting aimed to enhance cooperation among Member States within the tourism sector.

During the proceedings, H.E. Buhijji emphasized the pivotal role of the travel and tourism sector as a fundamental driver of sustainable development globally, highlighting its significant contribution to economic and social development in numerous countries and underscoring the sector's increasing potential to benefit the global economy.

The CEO of BTEA stated that the Authority is proud to host the World Forum on Gastronomy Tourism in 2024 in November 2024. This event, the largest of its kind globally, will be held in the Kingdom of Bahrain for the first time, following the WTO’s selection of Bahrain for the forum's ninth edition. This decision underscores Bahrain's exceptional tourism potential and its status as a leading Gastronomy Tourism destination in the Middle East.


Her Excellency invited all participants in the meeting to visit the Kingdom of Bahrain to partake in this highly anticipated event in November. The aim is to enhance communication channels, exchange ideas and experiences among tourism experts, particularly in food tourism, and to identify best practices.

BTEA’s participation in the 121st UNWTO Executive Council Meeting exemplifies the sustained partnership between the Kingdom of Bahrain and the UNWTO. This collaboration aims to develop an integrated tourism system that meets the highest international standards, enhancing the Kingdom's tourism sector regionally and globally.

This partnership also lseeks to bolster bilateral initiatives to attract more UNWTO events to Bahrain, capitalizing on the burgeoning (MICE) sector. It also focuses on advancing tourism capabilities, implementing strategic plans to promote the sector, and creating new investment opportunities in tourism, hospitality, aviation, and travel for the Bahraini business community.

Furthermore, Bahrain is introducing innovative tourism and entertainment programs to support the increasing flow of tourist delegations, building on significant achievements in tourism collaboration with the UNWTO in recent years.

The Kingdom of Bahrain's approach to tourism development is widely regarded as exemplary on a global scale. It has successfully showcased the robustness and adaptability of its tourism sector, emphasizing its dynamic evolution, diverse offerings, and capacity to implement best practices and initiatives that foster sectoral growth and advancement.

Among its innovative initiatives are the "golden license" for investment projects, encompassing tourism and tourism infrastructure projects, and providing a range of facilities and incentive packages for investors in tourism-supporting sectors such as hotels, restaurants, transportation, shopping, recreational activities, and events.

It’s noteworthy that Bahrain is actively enhancing its presence and influence within the international tourism industry through its engagement with the UNWTO and its membership in various international tourism-related organizations. The Kingdom is committed to contributing to initiatives that promote tourism and travel growth globally, addressing current and future challenges, and enhancing the economic impact of tourism, including bolstering regional and international cooperation.