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BDF calls for civilian volunteers

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The General Command of the Bahrain Defence Force (BDF) has announced the opening of volunteer opportunities for Bahraini civilians (both male and female) to join the Reserve Force.

This opportunity is open to relatives of current and retired employees of the Bahrain Defence Force and the National Guard, both military and civilian, for the year 2024. Interested individuals can register on the official Bahrain Defence Force website at https:// www.bdf.bh.

Eligibility Requirements:

• Bahraini nationality

• Age between 18 and 55 years old (technicians and specialists may be exempted from the upper age limit based on duty requirements)

• Clean criminal record, with no convictions for felonies or misdemeanours involving dishonour or dishonesty

• Medically fit for military service in the reserve force, as determined by the BDF’s military medical committees

• Successfully complete the application process on the BDF website Rights and Duties: The rights and duties of the Reserve Force are governed by the Reserve Force Law issued by Decree Law No. 5 of 1987, as well as the subsequent regulations and instructions. This ensures that the Reserve Force functions as a subsidiary force to the Bahrain Defence Force, with appropriate benefits and entitlements for its members.

• The BDF website provides detailed information about the Reserve Force, including its mission, benefits, and application process.