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Dream kitchen turns nightmare: Customer gets full refund, compensation

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The court has ruled in favor of a customer who sued a kitchen company for failing to deliver her dream kitchen and refusing to refund her payment.

The customer was awarded the full amount she paid for the kitchen, plus additional compensation for damages caused by the delay.

The court ordered the company to pay the customer the full amount she had paid for the kitchen (BD2,879), plus compensation for damages (BD500) with legal interest of 1% until full payment.

The company was also ordered to pay court fees and attorney’s fees.

According to court files, the customer entered into a contract with the company to build a kitchen in her home within a timeframe of one and a half months for a total cost of BD3,700.

The customer paid the full amount upfront, but the company failed to deliver the kitchen on time and the work was found to be faulty.

The customer refused to accept the kitchen and demanded a full refund.

However, the company refused to return the money, instead offering to deduct the cost of the appliances (BD821) and return the remaining amount.

The customer filed a complaint with the Consumer Protection Department, which referred the case to the criminal court.

Evidence During the court proceedings, the customer presented evidence that she had not received the refund.

A witness testified that he had accompanied the customer to the company to discuss the kitchen design and that they had agreed on specific specifications.

The witness also confirmed that the customer had paid a 50% deposit of BD1,850 and the remaining amount after 45 days.

However, after the 45-day deadline passed, the company delivered an aluminum frame for the kitchen that was of poor quality and had scratches.

The customer complained, and the company employees acknowledged the poor workmanship and asked for a second chance to fix the issues.

They also promised to refund the money if the work was not done to the agreed-upon specifications.