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‘GlobalCare’ Initiative Supports Needy Workers during Ramadan

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Report by Zahra Ayaz

In a heartwarming act of compassion, GlobalCare, a student-driven charity initiative led by two ambitious students from the American University of Bahrain (AUBH), is joining forces with OneHeartBahrain to support Bahrain’s international labour community during Ramadan.

Mazen Emad, a second-year Bachelor of Computer Science student, and Omar Saba, a second-year Bachelor of Finance student, have spearheaded the GlobalCare campaign, which aims to collect and redistribute essential items to those in need.

Partnering with their student charity organisation, Yzak, and the esteemed humanitarian group OneHeartBahrain, GlobalCare is making a significant impact on the lives of low-income workers.

OneHeartBahrain, renowned for its dedication to humanitarian efforts, has already distributed 1,000 meals to the labour community, with plans to provide an additional 2,000 meals before the conclusion of Ramadan.

The initiative has received an overwhelming response from individuals in need, with 3,000 requests for food assistance already submitted and 1,000 individuals being served.

Amal Mohammed Ishaq, Operations Coordinator at OneHeartBahrain, expressed profound astonishment upon witnessing the living conditions in certain camps, as reported by The Daily Tribune.

“This student campaign to help redistribute essential goods comes at the perfect time, allowing us to collectively address these needs,” said Ishaq.


Azen Emad, co-founder of Global Gear, shared his enthusiasm for the collaboration, highlighting the support received from the Bahraini community.

“Since Omar and I founded our company, globalgearbh.com, we have had overwhelming support from the entire community, including the general student population in Bahrain and other locally known institutions.

Now we want to use the support we have gained to give back a fraction of what we received to the community.” Emad further elaborated on the GlobalCare campaign, stating, “This GlobalCare campaign is organised by students for students.

The initiative aims to use students as the prime donors for this campaign.

“The GlobalCare initiative seeks to collect useful items beyond food. Donations of clothing, kitchenware, hygiene products, and basic electronics can help improve the quality of life for these workers.”

To contribute to the GlobalCare initiative, individuals can reach out via Instagram, DM @globalgearbh, WhatsApp at 39008856, or email admin@globalgearbh.com.

Alternatively, those interested in supporting OneHeartBahrain’s meal donations can reach out through Instagram, DM @oneheartbahrain, or WhatsApp at 38417111.