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AUBH students shine at MISK Global Forum for second consecutive year

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Students from the American University of Bahrain (AUBH) showcased their prowess at the esteemed MISK Global Forum, the largest youth forum in the region, held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This marks the second consecutive year of active participation by AUBH students at this prestigious event.

The forum, renowned for fostering dialogue on global challenges and opportunities, featured a delegation of talented AUBH students engaging in insightful sessions. Themed ‘The Big Now’, the forum aimed to inspire ambitious thinking and prompt action among young individuals.

AUBH’s sponsorship of its engineering students aligns with the university’s vision of cultivating global leaders and innovators capable of inspiring positive societal changes, officials said. The MISK conference also provided an unparalleled platform for AUBH students to interact with international thought leaders and contribute to discussions shaping the future.

This shows the university’s commitment to fostering a dynamic learning environment where engineering students are encouraged to lead and innovate on a global scale, the officials added.


Expressing his enthusiasm, AUBH President Dr. Bradley J. Cook stated, “We are proud to have our students represent AUBH at the MISK Global Forum. This experience aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing a global perspective and empowering our students to contribute meaningfully to the world.”

The dynamic platform of the MISK Forum allowed students to participate in vibrant discussions and sessions such as ‘AI for Good by ITU’, ‘Perseverance through Panic’, ‘Al-Diiriyah Code’, and ‘Empowering Innovation’.

The forum provided students with opportunities to connect with prominent companies in their respective fields, fostering idea exchanges, networking opportunities, and acting as a catalyst for nurturing the potential of young leaders, encouraging collaboration, and inspiring positive global change, stated the officials.