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Bahrain court clears two nurses of causing patient’s death

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Two Asian nurses were acquitted of causing the death of an Asian patient who suffered a brain haemorrhage 48 hours before arriving at the Emergency Room of Salmaniya Medical Complex.

The prosecution had referred the two nurses to the court on charges of inadvertently compromising the safety of others and causing the victim's death due to violating professional standards.

The victim had visited the ER in a state of emaciation and weakness, accompanied by vomiting and diarrhoea.

Temporary treatment was prescribed, and she remained in the ER in preparation for referral to the Internal Medicine department.

The first defendant's legal representative stated that she was present during the patient's seizure and transferred her to the Internal Medicine department for X-rays.

The patient fainted, and the defendant's role ended, and the medical staff began to treat the victim.

The lawyer argued that the elements of the crime were absent, as her client had followed the procedures imposed by her profession and had no evidence of causing the patient's fall.