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Dog-dumping crisis leaves animal activists in Bahrain overwhelmed

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Reported by Zahra Ayaz

Dogs are being abandoned on the streets by uncaring breeders and owners, causing distress and concern for animal rights activists. This issue has devastating impacts on abandoned animals and those working to protect their welfare, emphasizing the need for widespread awareness, responsible pet ownership, and stronger measures to hold breeders and owners accountable.

Bahraini animal rights activist Fathiya Al Bastaki expressed concern over the increasing number of Shih Tzus being abandoned on the streets. She noted that in the past, she would receive messages or calls about two to three Shih Tzus being dumped in a year, but now she receives daily reports from people who have found these dogs in various locations.

Ms. Al Bastaki attributed this rise in abandoned dogs to breeders, specifically mentioning that she believes members of an Asian community are involved in breeding these dogs for financial gain.


According to her, they breed a large number of dogs and sell a few, neglecting the rest and abandoning them on the streets. In her impassioned plea for action, Ms. Al Bastaki emphasised that it is the government’s responsibility to address the issue of abandoned dogs.

However, her rescue team receives no support or funding from the authorities. To raise awareness and potentially secure public assistance, she has created a dedicated Facebook page focusing on these pressing matters.


She shed light on the fact that some owners or breeders assume that other groups will rescue the abandoned dogs, which contributes to the problem. She mentioned that in Bahrain, there are groups dedicated to animal welfare, and this knowledge encourages breeders to dump the dogs, knowing they will be taken care of.

In Ms. Al Bastaki’s opinion, the only solution is for the authorities to ban breeders from engaging in this activity and impose penalties or punishments on those who breed animals. She strongly urges the authorities to take action in this regard.

Additionally, Ms. Al Bastaki highlighted the plight of owners who, especially expatriates leaving the country permanently, attempt to find new homes for their Shih Tzus, German Shepherds, or Huskies. However, when they fail to do so due to the associated costs, some owners resort to abandoning these animals on the streets.