Bahraini artist Huda Almarzooq showcases her art in TikTok’s main office in Dubai! | THE DAILY TRIBUNE | KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN

Bahraini artist Huda Almarzooq showcases her art in TikTok’s main office in Dubai!

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Reported by Julia Cassano

Bahraini art icon Huda Almarzooq, creating her unique artwork since the age of five, has been making remarkable strides in the art community, as she has just landed an impressive opportunity to showcase her art in TikTok’s main office in Dubai.

As one of the only two TikTokers in the Middle East to have their art displayed in TikTok’s main office in Dubai, Huda was honoured and thrilled when they contacted her with an offer to display her paintings, she said in an exclusive interview with The Daily Tribune.

“Words cannot express the magnitude of this achievement for me,” Huda said. Where did Huda develop her passion for art?

Huda relayed that her love and passion for art developed at a young age, inspiring her to develop her skills as she grew older. “Inspiration for my art comes from the beauty that surrounds me, including the people, places, and things that catch my eye, and with this, I enjoy placing my distinctive or special spin on the views I see in front of me.” Art is an essential component of human society as it allows us to express our emotions and thoughts tangibly.

“Without art, the world would be a bland and uninspiring place, devoid of the beauty and creativity that make us unique as individuals,” she said. “Not only is art important to individual artists and their expression, but it is also crucial to a society as a whole, as it helps to shape our culture and enriches our daily lives.”

Every artist has their muse

Growing up in the Kingdom of Bahrain has certainly inspired Huda’s art, as she relayed how the unique surroundings and rich cultural heritage inspired her to develop her creative ideas in various ways. “From studying different colours and sketching techniques to exploring other art forms, my surroundings have consistently motivated me to focus my skills and create motivating artwork,” she said.

The aim of her art

Huda aims to convey a sense of peace, calmness, happiness, and joy through her art; as she pointed out during the interview, light, bright, and cheerful colours are often used in her artwork to evoke positive emotions and joyful thoughts in those who view it. “In a world where many people are constantly searching for happiness, I hope that my art can provide a sense of happiness or joy, even if it’s just for a brief moment,” she said.

What does the future hold for Huda?

Huda’s recent recognition for her talent is a glimpse of what the future holds for her as she aspires to become a role model for young women who dream of pursuing a life of passion and creativity. “I aim to inspire and empower women to achieve their goals by sharing my own success story, of following my passion for art, despite the common belief that it may not lead to a fulfilling career,” she said.

She voiced the meaning and significance of having her artwork displayed in Dubai’s TikTok office, saying: “It’s a significant milestone in my career, and it fills me with pride to think that all the creators and celebrities who may visit the office or create content there will see my artwork.” Huda now sees herself as creating new paths and opening new doors for future generations to explore, to ultimately inspire and lead the way for innovation and growth in the art industry.