A ‘win-win’ situation

TDT | Manama

The reciprocal agreement between the US and Bahrain to allow ten-year multi-entry for tourists creates a “win-win” situation for both countries, said AmCham Bahrain President. “Tourism and trade are vitally important to both economies, and the new 10-year visa will certainly enhance both countries as preferred travel destinations,” said Qays Zu’bi of American Chamber of Commerce in Bahrain.

“Applying for a visa can be time-consuming – the 10-year visa will save time, money and stress – which is beneficial for both business and tourism,” Qays Zu’bi said. The agreement, came into force earlier this month, doubles the previous five-year visitor visa duration for Bahraini and US Citizens.

The move, Qays Zu’bi said, “will further support the use of the US-Bahrain Free Trade Agreement (FTA) as citizens travel to establish business opportunities.” Since the FTA was initiated, bilateral trade between the US and Bahrain has more than tripled from $782 million in 2005 to $2.5 Billion in 2019, Zu’bi added.

The US citizens holding a 10-year multi-entry visa are allowed to stay a maximum of 180- days per visit. US nationals visiting Bahrain can obtain a visa at the airport. However, Bahrain is not among the 39 countries whose citizens are allowed to travel to the United States for tourism or business for stays of 90 days or less without obtaining a visa.