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Asian man jailed for severing garage worker’s fingers

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The High Criminal Court sentenced an Asian man accused of severing two fingers from a garage worker’s hand during a fight to three years in prison followed by immediate deportation.

The incident occurred in the Salmabad area when the victim was approached by the defendant, who allegedly assaulted him by hitting him in the chest and head.

The victim attempted to escape into a nearby garage, but the defendant pulled him back and slammed the iron door shut on his right hand, severing two fingers.

Continuing the assault, the defendant hit the victim in the chest and head before other workers intervened and separated them. The reason for the assault wasn’t mentioned in the court documents.


An Arab worker who witnessed the incident testified that he saw the victim talking to the defendant before the latter attacked him.

During the investigation by the Public Prosecution, the defendant confessed to assaulting the victim.

He stated that he had indeed slammed the iron door with great force while the victim’s hand was on the edge of the door.

The Public Prosecution charged the defendant with assaulting the victim on March 1, 2024, causing injuries as detailed in the forensic medical report, resulting in a 13% permanent disability