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Saudi Arabia implements 21-day curfew

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has launched a 21-day curfew as the number of coronavirus cases in the kingdom surged on Sunday by 119 to take the total number of infections to 511.

The curfew, from 7pm to 6am, will be implemented from Monday by royal order.

A statement from the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) said: “The royal order to the concerned authorities included urging citizens to stay in their homes during the coming period, especially the period of curfew, and not to leave except in cases of extreme necessity in the period in which the prohibition does not apply, as preserving public health has become one of the most important duties for the people of this country and those residing on its land, and they must fulfil their duty by staying in their homes, and not to expose themselves and their country to the risk of the spread of this pandemic.”