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Formula One cars to get greener and nimbler from 2026

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A greater onus will be placed on drivers’ skill when Formula One launches a new era of smaller, more nimble and greener cars in 2026. The FIA yesterday presented a set of new regulations aimed at creating closer racing, more excitement and greater sustainability.

The cars will be smaller and lighter by 30 kilos, leading to greater efficiency and improved handling and the simpler hybrid engines -- with a 50-50 split between internal combustion and electric engines will have nearly 300 percent more battery power.

So-called “active aerodynamics” will be used to maximise the benefit of the new engines the front and rear wings of cars will open on the straights to reduce drag and increase speed, but then close to increase downforce on corners. A manual over-ride system will generate more electrical power and assist overtaking.

“The regulations have been designed to provide closer racing among drivers, increase the competition between teams and improve the spectacle,” said the FIA’s single-seater technical delegate Nikolas Tombazis.

“We have opted for a higher electrical component of the power unit, a more efficient car overall and fully sustainable fuels as part of our drive towards a more sustainable future for our sport.” Formula One chief Stefano Domenicali said F1 was entering “this new regulatory cycle with the sport in the strongest position it has ever been”.

“The new sustainably-fuelled hybrid power unit presents a huge opportunity for the global automotive industry, the drop in fuel has the potential to be used by cars around the world and dramatically cut emissions.”