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Bahrain welcomes all to join its thrilling traditional sports

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Reported by Ashen Tharaka

Citizens and residents are warmly invited to join and experience Bahrain's exciting traditional sports games and competitions.

Tareq Juma Salem, Executive Director of the Bahrain Traditional Sport Committee, emphasised this inclusivity in an interview with the Daily Tribune.


"Everyone residing in Bahrain is welcome to participate in our traditional sports games," Mr. Salem said. "We encourage participation and enthusiasm across all competitions, especially in areas like fishing, diving, falconry, and dog competitions."

Popular activities within the traditional sports realm include falcon competitions, Saluki dog shows, and camel and horse racing. This season concludes with a camel race and Saluki Dog Show held on February 23–24 near the Bahrain International Endurance Village.


During the second season, from July to October, rowing, fishing, and diving events open up for even wider participation by expats and interested individuals. The Traditional Sport Committee categorises events into four engaging domains: the desert category, which features camel, horse, Saluki dog, and falcon competitions, and the sea category, which showcases boat racing, fishing, and diving.

The traditional category includes card games, video games for youth, and other historical recreational activities, as well as TV shows that present various traditional activities through exciting televised programmes.


"During the pandemic, the committee innovatively introduced television shows to keep the spirit of traditional sports alive," Mr. Salem said. Competitions normally involve over 500 falcons and Saluki dogs, along with more than 200 participating horses and camels.

In the next week, members of the Bahrain Traditional Sport Committee will attend a forum in Turkiye, representing the Kingdom and aiming to enhance international cooperation for Bahrain's traditional sports. Mr. Salem mentioned that the Nasser bin Hamad Season for Falcons and Hunting, ninth edition, was a great success in Bahrain's traditional sports arena.


"Bahraini falconers have finished competing in foreign championships and achieved distinguished achievements," he said. Commending the unwavering government commitment to preserving traditional sports, Mr. Salem expressed his appreciation for the invaluable support provided by His Highness Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa, guided by the esteemed leadership of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa.


Tareq Juma Salem