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Alia National School hosts Al Aatah charity tournament

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Alia National School hosted Al Aatah third Annual Charity Tournament in support of the micro schools project that is under the umbrella of Bahrain Trust Foundation.

The tournament was organised by Alia National School and its students that are part of the School’s career and entrepreneurship program (ANSCE program), which aims to give students essential life skills to high school students with an aim of greater self-independency.

Private schools and football academies participated in the tournament, which consisted with player aged 10 - 12 years old.

Shaikh Rashid Bin Mohamed Al Khalifa, Board member of Alia National School, stated that the challenge the community is facing is that some educational curriculums fail to prepare students with the necessary skills for the job market, such as professional communication and essential legal skills.

Shaikh Rashid called on schools, government and private institutions based in the Kingdom of Bahrain to join this initiative to support the youth of Bahrain and prepare them for a better future.

Alia National School emphasized the importance of the collaboration between schools in Bahrain to protect the best interests of the youth in Bahrain, taking to account that high school students are young adults of Bahrain and not only are students at their schools.

Al Aatah Legacy annual charity tournaments was established in 2021 by Al Aatah Legacy for Public Relations, where Alia National School took its role in managing these tournaments in support of charitable and humanitarian causes and parties in the non-profit sector.