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Slovenian heavyweight embraces Bahraini hospitality and Islamic values ahead of BRAVE CF 77 debut

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Haris Aksalic, the Slovenian Olympian and national boxing champion, is set to make his professional MMA debut at BRAVE CF 77 on December 5, 2023, at Khalifa Sports City in Isa Town, Bahrain.

As the national hero of Slovenia landed in Bahrain, he was deeply impressed by the rich culture of the Kingdom of Bahrain, particularly its strong Islamic values and the prevalence of well-maintained mosques around the country.

“I am honored to start my professional MMA career in a Muslim country,” Aksalic stated. “It’s a blessing to fight in a land that upholds Islamic values, and I feel a sense of belonging and tranquility here. The sound of the Azan (call to prayer) fills me with positive energy and determination.

BRAVE CF 77 is more than just a competition for me; it’s a life-changing experience.” Aksalic, a formidable heavyweight competitor known for his brute strength and striking prowess, is often compared to boxing legend Mike Tyson, earning him the nickname “White Tyson.”

He is eager to showcase his skills against the Egyptian K1 and Kickboxing Champion, who boasts an impressive record of 21 stoppage wins in Kickboxing. “I am extremely grateful for the warm hospitality and the rich culture I have experienced in Bahrain,” Aksalic expressed.

“I am fascinated by the Kingdom’s history and traditions, and I am determined to explore them further. I promise to give my all for the fans and make a memorable debut at BRAVE CF 77.” BRAVE CF 77, featuring a captivating mix of established superstars and rising prospects, will showcase athletes from 10 nations, including Kyrgyzstan, Brazil, Poland, Russia, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Ukraine, Zimbabwe, Tajikistan, and Slovenia.

Two world titles will be defended during the event, with the main event featuring the lightweight championship clash between the reigning champion, Abdisalam Uulu Kubanychbek from Kyrgyzstan, and the formidable Lucas Martins from Brazil.

The co-main event will feature the super welterweight world championship fight between the reigning champion Marcin Bandel and Kamal Magomedov. Out of the 12 fighters added to the show, five hold undefeated BRAVE CF records: Abdisalam Kubanychbek, Marcin Bandel, Kamal Magomedov, Maysara Mohamed, and Vitaliy Yakimenko.

With 70% of the fighters on impressive win streaks, BRAVE CF 77 marks the 8th time in the promotion’s history that two or more world titles will be on the line during the same event.