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Tamkeen supports more than 70 Bahrainis at Jasmi’s Corporation

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The Labour Fund Tamkeen announced a strategic partnership with Jasmi’s Corporation W.L.L. to support Bahraini employment and career development.

With the help of Tamkeen’s National Employment Programme, Jasmi’s Corporation has created job opportunities for 21 Bahrainis across various departments.

Additionally, Tamkeen’s Wage Increment Programme will benefit 52 existing Bahraini employees with salary increments.

The collaboration will help bolster the local workforce and enhance career opportunities within the renowned quick-service restaurant chain.

Tamkeen Chief Growth Officer, Mr. Khalid AlBayat said, “This support will help Jasmi’s Corporation enhance employee motivation and productivity while fostering a supportive work environment and contributing towards a more robust business ecosystem.”

Jasmi’s Corporation Vice-President, Adnan Al Ameen added, “This will help us sustain the growth of our business while rewarding our existing high performers.”

An iconic brand of Bahrain’s restaurants scene, Jasmi’s Corporation, has been a dominant player in the food services industry since its establishment in 1986.

With 50 strategically located stores across the Kingdom, including sister companies such as Le Chocolat, Jio Chicken, Marash, and Bayt Al Ameen. The corporation continues to expand its reach while contributing significantly to the local economy