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ASRY prepares to launch Itqan Initiative

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The Arab Shipbuilding and Repair Yard Company (ASRY) has announced the launch of “Itqan”, an internal initiative focused on employee-led development and innovation.

The campaign will encompass several development-focused projects, based on a strategy of open communication and an exchange of ideas and suggestions between the executive management and all ASRY employees.

This collaborative approach aims to spark innovation within the workplace, strengthen teamwork, and encourage employees to gain skills that align with current labor market needs.

By prioritizing skill acquisition, the company aims to build a strong foundation for its operational success.

The organizing committee will be accepting proposals through several methods, including submitting proposals electronically through designated forms, or through designated boxes located across the company.

Shaikh Mohamed bin Rashed Al Khalifa, ASRY Acting CEO commented: “We at ASRY believe that building proposals collaboratively can unlock a new era of innovation in our work systems.

By harnessing the collective talents and ideas of our team members, we can propel the company towards achieving the ambitious goals we have set for ourselves.”

He added: "This initiative is a multipronged approach designed to strengthen our company’s core values, foster a more positive work environment, and ultimately elevate both productivity and quality standards.

We aim to achieve this by leveraging the latest technologies and capitalizing on the exceptional talent and extensive experience within our team.”

He further explained that “Itqan” was chosen as the initiative name to capture the essence of mastery and excellence.

The initiative is designed to reinforce this theme amongst its employees, fostering their commitment to acquiring and developing the skills needed to achieve exceptional performance.