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Bahrain Flour Mills Company plans expansion and modernization

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Report by Ashen Tharaka

The Bahrain Flour Mills Company (BFMC) yesterday revealed plans to expand and modernize its operations in tune with the Kingdom’s strategy to ensure longterm food security and provide value-added products.

Talking on the sidelines of the company’s annual general meeting, BFMC Chairman Basim Mohamed Al Saie unveiled ambitious plans for the coming decades, including the construction of a new, state-ofthe-art flour mill and a focus on digital transformation.

These aim at strengthening food security in Bahrain while ensuring timely delivery of high-quality products to meet evolving customer demands, he said. “We will embark on designing the new mill site this year,” Al Saie told The Daily Tribune.

“This project will be a landmark for Bahrain, featuring cutting-edge technology and a significantly larger capacity to process 520 metric tons.”

This increased capacity has the potential to not only enhance food security but also diversify BFMC’s product range, ultimately providing customers with a wider variety of high-quality options.

Beyond the physical expansion, BFMC is embracing digital solutions.

The company has already transitioned to a new ERP system and established an e-commerce platform. “The e-platform replaces the outdated bank coupon system,” Al Saie explained.

“This digital solution enables us to better understand our customer base, identify their needs, and deliver the most suitable products efficiently, resulting in a more satisfying customer experience.”

Strategic plans The planned new mill and digital transformation initiatives come on the heels of three successfully implemented strategic plans.

These previous plans focused on expanding the existing factory’s capacity, expected to complete by March 2024 and upgrading the company’s systems.

BFMC’s commitment to innovation and growth, coupled with the support of Mumtalakat, the sovereign wealth fund of Bahrain, positions the company for a prosperous future and continued contribution to the Kingdom’s food sector.

“Now the system is centralized and focused on important sector to move faster and gain more than before,” he said.


Basim Mohamed Al Saie, BFMC Chairman