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Royal Humanitarian Foundation’s Gergaoun draws smiles on faces of 300 children

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Under the patronage of Shaikh Ali bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, Secretary-General of the Royal Humanitarian Foundation, and with the participation of more than 300 children from the Foundation, the Royal Foundation celebrated Gargaoun at the Pearling Path Visitor Center in Muharraq.

The festival included many activities that included popular games and competitions, and magic performances.


The Kashkha corner was also designated for preparing children, as it contained a corner for perfumes and another for hair styling and henna designing on the hands of girls.

An art corner was also designated, which included a corner for drawing cakes, another corner for drawing caricatures, and another for engraving Arabic calligraphy on Gergaoun bags, in addition to distributing gifts and Gergaoun to children.


On this occasion, Mai Ahmed Al Saie, Acting Director of the Charitable Resource Development Department at the Royal Humanitarian Foundation, stated that the Foundation usually welcomes the holy month of Ramadan with many programs and events that it holds for its families, and Gargaoun is a popular celebration that takes place in the middle of the holy month.


The Foundation is interested in celebrating it annually to bring smiles and joy to the hearts of children and their families.


She extended her thanks to the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities for providing the opportunity for members of the Royal Foundation to celebrate Gergaoun in a distinguished archaeological landmark in the middle of the most prominent archaeological buildings in Muharraq.

She also thanked the Ministry of the Interior for securing the event site, and to all the contributors and supporters who were keen to participate in this event.