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Bahraini companies dominate tourist and cargo transport sector in the Kingdom

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Only Bahraini companies currently operate in the kingdom’s international and domestic tourist transportation sectors, according to licences issued by the Ministry of Transportation.

However, despite this exclusivity, the Ministry has expressed its readiness to licence additional enterprises.

These details emerged in response to a query raised by the MP Jalal Katheem.

Which means those keen on acquiring land transport licences are encouraged to liaise directly with the Ministry or visit its designated contact points.

Presently, Bahrain is home to 17 companies licenced for transporting international tourists, alongside 19 authorised to ferry international passengers and 24 catering to the needs of domestic tourists.

The statement further affirmed all entities as Bahraini-run entities registered in the commercial register.

Cargo sector

In contrast, the cargo sector seems to be more lucrative, with 170 Bahraini companies engaged in domestic cargo transportation, alongside one branch of a foreign entity.

Additionally, 142 Bahraini companies hold licences for international cargo transportation, complemented by one foreign branch operating within the same domain.

The ministry clarified that foreign companies integrated into the commercial register align with legislation on commercial activities permitting foreign capital participation.

Licencing requirements

The Ministry also elaborated on the stringent requirements and standards for obtaining land transport licences, emphasising the need for suitable accommodation areas corresponding to the licenced activity's scope and fleet size.

Additionally, the minimum number of vehicles to be operated must meet the specified requirements for each activity.

Unified GCC law in progress

The Ministry highlighted collaborative efforts within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries to draft executive regulations for a unified law on land transportation.

Once ratified, this unified law promises streamlined operations across GCC borders.

In conclusion, the Ministry reaffirmed its pivotal role as the sector's overseer, ensuring adherence to regulations and penalising illicit labour practices detrimental to sectoral integrity."