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Tamkeen supports wage increments for more than 200 Silah Gulf employees

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In line with its commitment to empowering national talent and fostering their professional growth across a range of sectors, the Labour Fund Tamkeen announced its support for wage enhancements for more than 200 Bahraini employees at Silah Gulf.

Specialising in call center management, Silah Gulf’s business lines cover customer experience, business outsourcing, training, consulting, and technology-related services, with eligible employees – whose salaries do not exceed BD1,500 – receiving wage increments ranging from 5% to 20% for 24 months.

“Tamkeen continues to forge strategic alliances across a range of sectors to support the development of Bahraini talent,” said Her Excellency Tamkeen Chief Executive Maha Abdulhameed Mofeez on the occasion.

“By enhancing employees’ wages, performance, and productivity, we help enterprises accelerate their growth and boost their contributions to the national economy.

“In addition to wage increases for more than 200 Bahraini employees, we are offering wage support to facilitate the employment of Bahrainis in executive and other managerial positions at Silah Gulf through the Leadership Employment Program, aligning with Tamkeen’s objective of positioning Bahrainis as employees of choice in the jobs market.”

Pride Information & e-Government Authority (iGA) Chief Executive and Silah Gulf Chairman, H.E. Mr. Mohammad Ali Al Qaed said, “Silah Gulf takes pride in its productive partnership with Tamkeen, which is aimed at realising the shared vision to enhance national talent by providing them with avenues for career growth.

“Without doubt, the wage increment and leadership employment programs will motivate Bahraini employees and invest in their career advancement.

“This partnership resonates with our commitment to nurturing national competencies in communications services, outsourcing, technology, and encouraging Bahrainis to pursue leadership roles, thus enhancing the private sector’s contribution to national economic growth.”

Proud Echoing this sentiment, Silah Gulf Chief Executive Officer, H.E. Mr. Firas Jaafar Ahmed said, “We are proud of the high levels of Bahrainisation within the Silah Gulf team, a testament to our confidence in the abilities of Bahraini talent to drive growth within our company.

“We value Tamkeen’s continuous support in honing our workforce’s skills through wage subsidy and wage enhancement initiatives.”

Tamkeen’s support for Silah Gulf is aligned with its 2024 strategic priorities, which are focused on economic impact and the private sector under three pillars; increasing economic participation through new employment opportunities for new entrants, expanding career development opportunities available to Bahraini workforce, and further developing the private sector by supporting enterprises, boosting productivity and the adoption of technology