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Brazil connects with Bahrain at Halal Expo, Eyes Halal Food & Tourism Boom

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Reported by Zahra Ayaz

The Bahrain Halal Expo wrapped up yesterday, leaving a fruitful trail of connections and exciting prospects. Among the noteworthy attendees were delegates from Brazil, eager to explore the local culture, people, and the potential for partnerships.

Rafael Solimeo, Director and Head of the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, shed light on Brazil’s position as a major exporter of halal food to Arab nations, including Bahrain. He emphasized the vast range of food products Brazil offers and recognized the immense potential in the Bahraini market. But Brazil’s ambitions extend beyond food.

Solimeo highlighted the country’s strong presence in Islamic finance, tourism, and even cosmetics, with Brazil being a major supplier for Arab nations. Fuelled by the booming halal market, projected to reach a staggering $7.7 trillion by 2025, Brazil is actively seizing opportunities, particularly during Ramadan by exporting halal food to Arab countries.

Beyond exports, Brazil is also welcoming Arab tourists with open arms. Solimeo shared efforts underway to educate the Brazilian hospitality industry about Arab culture, ensuring prayer facilities, dress code awareness, and more. This initiative aims to position Brazil as a preferred tourist destination for Arab travellers.

While trade figures between Bahrain and Brazil saw a slight decrease in 2023, the potential for growth remains evident. Solimeo pointed out significant opportunities in diverse sectors beyond iron ore, which currently dominates exports.

Furthermore, the “Halal do Brazil” project, a joint initiative promoting halal products globally, is actively building bridges between Brazil and the Arab world. With successful campaigns already conducted in various countries, the project aims to amplify its reach throughout 2024.

The Bahrain Halal Expo served as a springboard for fruitful connections, showcasing Brazil’s potential as a key partner in the halal ecosystem. From halal food exports to welcoming Arab tourists, the future seems bright for collaboration and mutual growth between these two nations.


Rafael Solimeo