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Al Hawaj unveils ‘Bois Bélize Intense’ in star-studded ceremony

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Amidst the opulent ambiance of Seef Mall’s “Niche Garden,” Al Hawaj Group unveiled a fragrant jewel that promises to enthral perfume enthusiasts in the region.

In a ceremony graced by ambassadors, dignitaries, and the renowned perfumer himself, Axel de Nicolaï, the launch of “Bois Bélize Intense” marked a new chapter in the exquisite collaboration between Al Hawaj and Nicolaï Parfums.

The air buzzed with anticipation as ambassadors from South Korea, Egypt, and Tunisia, along with representatives from France and Palestine, mingled with journalists and distinguished guests.

The aroma of anticipation, already piqued by the elegant setting, intensified as Jawad Al Hawaj, President and Chairman of Alhawaj Group of Companies, with characteristic warmth, welcomed the esteemed gathering. His gratitude for their presence resonated through the room, setting the stage for a truly special evening.

Then, taking centre stage, was the perfume maestro himself, Axel de Nicolaï. His words echoed with appreciation for Al Hawaj Group’s dedication to promoting French perfumery, particularly Nicolaï Parfums.

He eloquently spoke of the deep-rooted connection between French scents and the discerning preferences of the Middle East, especially the Arab world, where a subtle infusion of Arabic characteristics adds an alluring twist.

To delve deeper into the world of Nicolaï Parfums, Shyam Narayanan, Operations Manager at Al Hawaj Group, embarked on a captivating journey through the brand’s history.

He unveiled the stories behind their internationally acclaimed fragrances, each a testament to de Nicolaï’s olfactory artistry.


As the evening reached its crescendo, Abdulwahab Al Hawaj expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the ambassadors and guests for their presence.

He reaffirmed the commitment of “Niche Garden” stores to providing a haven for unique aromatic collections, exclusively curated by Al Hawaj Group.

And finally, the moment everyone awaited arrived. The unveiling of “Bois Bélize Intense” – a name that itself evokes whispers of exotic woods and sun-kissed beaches.

This latest creation represents the harmonious convergence of French refinement and the captivating allure of Arabic scents.

It promises to be an olfactory masterpiece, a fragrant bridge between two cultures, ready to leave an indelible mark on the world of perfumery. With the launch of “Bois Bélize Intense,” Al Hawaj Group and Nicolaï Parfums have once again proven their prowess in crafting olfactory experiences that transcend borders and captivate the senses.

As the final notes of the evening mingled with the lingering aroma of the new fragrance, one thing was certain – the world of perfumery had just gotten a whole lot more captivating.


Al Hawaj Group officials with renowned perfumer himself, Axel de Nicolaï, along with ambassadors and dignitaries at the opening ceremony