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Bahrain’s National Expert Platform ‘khubara’a’ attracts 144 Bahrainis

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Bahrain’s National Expert Platform, known as Khubara’a “Experts,” has achieved remarkable success since its launch in March 2023, attracting 144 Bahrainis, as revealed by Minister of Labour Jameel bin Mohammed Ali Humaidan.

The platform, implemented by the Ministry of Labour and the Information & eGovernment Authority, serves as a foundation for Bahraini expertise in key sectors such as finance, banking, insurance, healthcare, engineering, telecommunications and information technology, industry, and real estate.

With the primary goal of highlighting, developing, and promoting national competencies, the platform underscores the government’s commitment to digital transformation and cultivating a skilled workforce. Under the leadership of General Sheikh Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, the Minister of Interior and Chairman of the Follow-up Committee for the National Plan to Enhance National Belonging and Foster Citizenship “Our Bahrain,” the “Experts” initiative has thrived with strong government support.

Since its inception, the platform has served as a dynamic hub, attracting Bahraini experts from diverse fields. This achievement is the result of collaborative efforts between the Ministry of Labour, the Information & eGovernment Authority, and the Executive Office of the National Plan “Our Bahrain.””