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BASREC marks historic milestone: Narjis Almoosawi appointed first woman BOD secretary

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In a significant stride towards advancing gender inclusivity and professional excellence, Bahrain Ship Repair and Engineering Company (BASREC) announced Narjis Almoosawi as the first Bahraini woman appointed to the esteemed position of Secretary of the company’s Board of Directors.

This groundbreaking decision aligns seamlessly with the Supreme Council for Women's initiatives, emphasizing the importance of fostering the professional growth and diversifying the practical experiences of Bahraini women.

It underscores the commitment of state institutions to achieving robust economic growth through the promotion of balance and equal opportunities between men and women.

As the newly appointed Secretary of the Board of Directors, Narjis Almoosawi holds a pivotal role in steering BASREC towards greater success.

Mr. Fawzi Kanoo, Chairman of the Board of Directors, expressed his pleasure at the historic appointment, stating, "We are pleased to announce the appointment of Narjis Almoosawi to this important position, becoming the first woman to hold this position throughout the company’s history, which has exceeded 60 years."

Narjis Almoosawi, currently serving as the Chief Human Resources Officer and Compliance Officer, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her new role.

With a bachelor’s degree in accounting, a master’s degree in management, and numerous professional certificates, she has demonstrated exceptional dedication and proficiency in both the public and private sectors.

Her outstanding efforts in developing the back-office system and effectively managing the company's performance have contributed significantly to this milestone.

Fawzi Kanoo extended sincere congratulations to Narjis on her well-deserved promotion, expressing best wishes for her continued success in her multifaceted role.

In response, Narjis Almoosawi conveyed her gratitude to the Chairman, members of the Board of Directors, and the CEO of BASREC for their confidence in her capabilities.

She pledged to exert her best efforts in advancing the company’s vision, mission, and best practices.

Furthermore, Almoosawi emphasized her commitment to fostering the progress of Bahraini women in professional spheres, marking a positive step towards greater gender diversity and empowerment within the corporate landscape.