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GCC condemns Iran's interference in Saudi

The GCC Ministerial Council denounced in its 42nd extraordinary meeting, held in Riyadh today, the Iranian blatant interference in the internal affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia regarding the enforcement of Shria verdicts on a number of terrorists. It considered the Iranian statements as a direct incitement to attack the Saudi diplomatic missions.

The council asserted that such acts do not serve regional and international peace and security and contravene the principles of good neighbourliness, no-interference in countries' internal affairs and respect of their sovereignty. It added that those acts lead to exacerbating the situation and fanning regional crises.

The GCC Ministerial Council stressed support to Saudi Arabia and the decisions taken to fight all forms of terrorism, track down the terrorists and inciters of sedition and bring them to justice. It also lauded the high competence, independence and impartiality of the judiciary in Saudi Arabia. It underlined full support to all measures taken by Saudi Arabia following the terror attacks on its diplomatic missions in Iran, stressing that the GCC countries will take more measures to confront those attacks.

The council praised condemnation of Arab, Islamic and friendly countries as well as the UN Security Council of those attacks, calling on the international community to take serious and effective steps to prevent occurrence of such attacks.

The ministerial council also denounced the Iranian continuous occupation of the three UAE islands (Greater and Lesser Tunbs and Abu Musa), sowing sectarian sedition, supporting the terrorist and extremist organisations by training, funding and inciting them to shake up security and stability in the GCC countries. It pointed out the recent terror plot foiled by Bahrain and the arrest of a terror cell members who were receiving support from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Hizbollah.

The council agreed to map out an effective scheme to face the Iranian interference, urging the international community to take the necessary measures to oblige Iran to adhere to the principle of good neighbourliness and stop its support to terrorism.

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