A haven for expats

It did not come to me as a surprise when Bahrain was ranked first among the destinations for expatriates. As a person who lived in the beautiful island nation for over a decade, I can swear that no country can match Bahrain when it comes to hospitality and friendly nature.

I know a good number of expatriates who refused to leave the Kingdom despite getting many lucrative offers in other countries. They say it’s simply a home away from home, from where they don’t want to move to any other place. If anyone asks me what is so special about Bahrain, I would say it is the peaceful coexistence of conservative and liberal elements in the society. An individual from any background could easily fit into Bahrain’s society, which is not the case with other countries.

I know many, who still struggle to become part of Western societies, deemed to be most liberal, despite living there for decades. I am sure the country will continue to top the charts again and again. The Kingdom’s welcoming society is its strength and I hope the authorities would capitalize on this strength to turn the country into a major tourism hub not only in the region but also in the world.

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