Wimbledon 2017: A new champ ahead?

Two big upsets and one hope.

When it comes to world’s top tennis players, that’s what remains in this year’s Wimbledon Championships of Men’s Singles.

Last year’s champion, and World No.1, Andy Murray has lost in the quarter finals. And so has another hot favourite Novak Djokovic.

Djokovic was seeded No.2 by the All England Lawn Tennis Club in its seeding announced in June 2017.

So, the only big player left is Roger Federer (No.3), who will now meet Tomas Berdych (No.11), in the Semi Finals to be played on Friday, 14 July 2017.

Raphael Nadal (No.4), Stan Wawrinka (No.5), and Milos Raonic (No. 6) have all been knocked out, and are out of the fray.

The other semi-final match will also be played between Marin Cilic (No.7) and Sam Querry (No. 24).

Now that the two-time champion Andy Murray, and the three-time former titlist Novak Djokovic are not running for this year’s title anymore, the year 2017 could well see new stars rise and shine in the tennis sky.  

But only if the seven-time winner Roger Federer, who remains the cynosure of all eyes, allows a new champion. After all, it is his game and form that is worth looking forward to.

Interestingly, Wednesday’s quarter final was the 100th Wimbledon match of Fedex. And like the company Fedex, he delivered efficiently.

And with it, he also broke another record: of reaching more Wimbledon semi-finals – 12 – than anyone in history.

By the way, my choice of topic, of ‘Wimbledon’, and the serious tone of this particular write-up, can be largely attributed to my current proximity to my 81 year old father.

It is with him that I am watching these matches; one of life’s best and beautiful perks, of being home for vacation, in India, enjoying the drizzling here while escaping the sizzling Bahrain there.

My father’s love for sports is often termed ‘legendary’ by many friends. In my younger days, many of my friends used to visit our home, especially during sporting events, saying there is more fun watching sports with him beside.

I am not surprised therefore to realize that even my 71 year old mother, who watches the tennis matches with my father, knows more about Tennis, with all its double-faults and breakpoints, than I do.  

And she can even share interesting information about family lives of players. Like, for instance, about the two sets of twins that Roger Federer is blessed with. Not forgetting to mention that one is of girls and the other is of boys.

In fact, it was my mother who updated me on the fact that Fedex has won seven Wimbledon titles. But that only five had been consecutive.

And that if he wins this year, he will become the first ‘individual’ to hold most Wimbledon titles ever.

If he really wins the semi-finals and the finals, to become this year’s championship at Wimbledon, Federer will no longer co-hold the world record for most Wimbledon titles with Pete Sampras.

He will be the one and only tennis player to win most Wimbledon titles in its 131 year history.

But, it is only on Friday night - and then again on Sunday night - that we will surely know. 

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